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About Avril

BDSM Dominatrix
26 years old
Chest: Natural
Partially shaved

Services provided

  • Ballbusting
  • Bondage
  • Candle games
  • confinement
  • Erotic asphyxiation
  • Erotic tortures
  • Facesitting
  • Feminization
  • Fetish
  • Hard Domination
  • Humiliations
  • Orgasm deprivation
  • Sexual games
  • Straitjacket
  • Strangulation
  • Trampling
  • Travesty
  • Urology
  • Voyeurism


Avril is a BDSM Dominatrix working in Vevey (Vaud)

Incall only

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Tarifs à partir de 400.-CHF

Payment methods

  • CHF


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We are two experienced and complementary dominatrixes. Having each a great sensibility and being very versatile, we are able to answer many different needs and desires with fluidity. Our complicity and our expertise make us a powerful duo. We are dedicated body and soul to taking you on a journey into the vast world of sexuality and sharing our passion. Jessica will know how to dominate you with subtlety, sadism and sensuality and Avril will transport you with her skillful touch, gentle firmness and ability to create deep connections. 

Jessica: In my domination, I like to transport my partner into my world and invite him or her to reach a state of trance. To achieve this, I place a lot of importance on stimulating the senses with smells, sounds and a setting that build my world and allow for immersion. I like to use contrasts by mixing moments of softness and sensuality with more brutal and cold ones or by alternating calm and energetic rhythms. At the same time sadistic executioner and benevolent protector I take as much pleasure in inflicting suffering and reading it on my or my partner's face as in healing and soothing it.

My main specialty is impact. I practice whip, floggers and have many other tools. I also have a passion for all objects to bring uncommon sensations such as various claws, the Wartenberg wheel and any object with spikes. 

April: A sexually trained dominatrix, I am passionate about sexualities, the human psyche and love to have a front row seat to observe what my work brings to you about knowing your intimacy. My temperament is tender, jovial and curious. I love to share with my clients moments of joy in kindness, to lead you by my gestures to an ecstasy allowing you to assert yourself in an expression of your sexuality that suits you. I take great pleasure in playing with you and love to see you enjoy your constraint. My style of domination is more focused on your surrender to your own pleasure, I guide with firmness and gentleness. 

We only respond to serious messages including a short presentation of yourself as well as what you imagine living with us.


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Reviews (2)

By Ns the 09/08/2022

Magnifique soirée découverte pour moi ce soir.
Depuis le temps que j’hésitai et bien je regrette de ne pas les avoir rencontré plus tôt.
Elles m’on fait découvrir cet univers de la meilleure des façons et ont su cerner mes envies.

3h en leur compagnie on passé beaucoup trop vite, hâte de les revoir😍

Merci maîtresses

By JC_70 the 08/18/2022

Ce duo de dominatrices est à mettre dans la catégorie « à essayer de suite », au risque de devenir accro.
Superbe séance avec briefing et débriefing, dans un appartement grand luxe.
J’ai adoré, avec un faible pour la sublime Jessica. Mais je n’en dit pas plus. Merci à Avril et Jess