Facegirl becomes Fgirl to celebrate her 10th birthday, here is her story.

Change of name for the N°1 escort site in Switzerland: Facegirl is now called Fgirl to celebrate its 10th anniversary, discover its history.

The launch of the directory of escort girls in Geneva and masseuses in Switzerland!

It all started in 2010 when an acquaintance started talking about escort girls in Geneva. At the time, he lived in the "pâquis", knew the erotic ads sites in Switzerland and regularly went to get massages in the massage institutes in Plainpalais.

Quickly, after a tour of the existing platforms, we bought the domain name Facegirl.ch and created the site in the process. Being inexperienced in the field, we had to make hundreds of encounters of all kinds in order to understand the world of prostitution. In Switzerland, the domain has been authorised and controlled by a dedicated police force since 1992. A first version was quickly patched and improved because visitors were essentially mobile. Understanding the erotic environment and paid sex in Geneva, escort girls in Lausanne and sensual massage in Neuchâtel took 3 years. During these years, the site only felt to evolve with weekly modifications and underwent 7 total redesigns with no less than 11 different webmasters.

Erotic ads take off in Geneva on Facegirl in 2013

The year 2013 was the year when the Facegirl website was launched for the Geneva escort girl ads. Numerous erotic massage parlours in Geneva quickly trusted us and created ads which, after 3 years, allowed them to no longer be officially in monthly deficit.

Facegirl.ch then positioned itself as being the erotic site which catalogues escort girls in Geneva, prostitutes in Lausanne, dominatrix in Neuchâtel as well as transsexuals in Sion. It is a directory of girls who are willing to perform erotic services for a fee.

The keystone of the project was certification through human encounters. The team started with 2 sales representatives who travelled to all the erotic fairs to make announcements with girls, to create social links with massage parlour owners and to propose a new generation responsive mobile website with at the heart of the work a certification which cannot be bought but which is carried out in the sole interest: the satisfaction of Swiss male visitors and French-speaking border residents. From then on, with this process of verifying the certification ads, the site has grown.

On our site, free of charge and without registration, all you have to do is make your choice. There are occasional women who complete their salary with some displacements, professional sex workers suggesting services all year long in their private apartment or in salon and therapeutic masseuses. The diversity of the services has expanded with the arrival in number of transsexuals from Geneva. Homosexuals and bicurious people also found a source of inspiration and pleasure when the need arose. The panoply was completed with the niche category of BDSM. Submissives and dominatrixes from Geneva, Lausanne and Valais have found a quality platform with a professional service that corresponds perfectly to them.

When the mayonnaise set, the technique had to follow. The directory had to be efficient and accessible without interruption of service in order to be sure to find a girl, a trans, a masseuse or a mistress in Switzerland with whom to spend time at any time of the week. Fortunately, Switzerland is a breeding ground for cutting-edge technology with fast servers with smooth response times and unparalleled stability.

Facegirl becomes the 1st directory of escort girls in Geneva to offer selfies!

Upon entering the site, one realises the large number of escorts available immediately, which will excite visitors. On the first page, all categories are mixed together. You can see the latest entries and the freshness of the ads by means of small naughty phrases that the advertisers personalise and comments left by customers that have been moderated by the technical staff.

Our site wanted more because these additional modules intended for the veracity of the information still seemed derisory while the field suffers since the deployment of Internet of the flights of photographs and the use of forgeries on a large scale everywhere where the prostitution is exerted. The concept of displaying in priority the face of the girls takes then all its sense with the arrival of a tab selfies within the photos of the ad. The escort girl must take a picture of herself with her face visible without any effect and/or filter. The escort girls in Geneva were the first to try the option. The success was immediate.

An improvement does not come alone, at least, it was necessary to propose also an alternative to selfies to keep a discretion for women living in Switzerland. The Facegirl flocked cushion was here a revolution once again in the field. Proof that a salesman was on the spot, the small cushion in the shape of a heart Facegirl 100%% certified allowed some advertisers to display themselves in the selfie gallery by hiding their face, but the idea at the bottom to bring credibility held.

With these notable and well distinguished improvements which never existed until then, Facegirl positioned itself as the site which wished to improve the image of prostitution on the internet by reassuring the client as much as possible. It was necessary to give as much as possible verified information without falling into the big debacle which could have caused important damage within families or couples.

Opinions on clients' prostitutes.

Unlike other sites within the Swiss prostitution industry, we have decided from the beginning to post customer feedbacks in order to share authentic information. Happy with their experience, many of our visitors comment on their sexual experiences and tell us about the girls' performance, the state of the private apartment or the erotic massage parlor so that future clients can get an idea before taking action.

We have had the choice and the opportunity for years to create a forum within the site or even an independent forum with a totally different name as several competing directories have done. Being a free-for-all, where manipulation of information rhymes with false comments, where useless and non-constructive criticism is constantly coming back, we preferred to focus on what we know how to do, namely certify ads for customer satisfaction. Our site does not do online booking of paid encounters. We are therefore unable to guarantee that a meeting has taken place (unlike Airbnb). Therefore, you will understand that it is not fair to post a negative comment.

Here are some figures regarding the reviews of prostitutes in Switzerland posted on our site. In 10 years, there have been no less than 45,000 reviews submitted by the lovely visitors who wished to share their feedback following a meeting with a princess or a tranny present on the directory. Only 450 reviews were rejected. This represents a percentage of about 1.5%% of comments that were not politically correct or too subjective. Although this is low, it may be enough for a few ill-intentioned people to consciously damage a girl's reputation by writing fake bad reviews.

Accuracy of information about escort girls in Switzerland

The big plus of the site during all these years was the implication that the advertisers had, namely escort girls, erotic masseuses, transsexuals and dominatrixes to update their information and to update their photos. This notion of freshness helped the site to renew itself permanently.

Thanks to this craze, the site has something new every day, so there is little or no unpleasant surprise for the client to meet women, especially those who are certified. Moreover, being totally free to consult, you have time and embarrassment of choice to make your selection.

The boosters that the girls use to update their profile and appear on the home page of the site comfort the visitor that the site is alive, that things are happening at all hours of the day and night. Therefore, by contacting a person who comes to the site, the call will result in a meeting within an hour.

Between transparency on the authenticity of the photos by means of human certification and the effectiveness of the conversion to the act, the improvements aimed at transmitting an unequalled quality of service have allowed in the space of a few years to give a second chance to the Swiss prostitution thanks to the visitors who have tried the experience at our side. Our team thanks you gentlemen.

The coffee-pipe project in 2016 creates a global buzz

The project launched on 3 June 2016 was at V1.0 and was to be carried out with several partner erotic massage parlours. On 16 June, the local newspapers picked up the news and focused on Facegirl. Everything is going very fast, too fast indeed. The Swiss TV channels try to approach, dozens of letters arrive every day to get more details about this new kind of café, especially unlikely in the centre of Geneva. This publicity stunt has been qualified as the buzz of the year 2016 by BuzzFeed.

Facegirl did not intend to set up this project. That said, the opportunity was too good not to take advantage of it. In retrospect, the café pipe was an exceptional publicity stunt for Facegirl and Swiss prostitution. Funnily enough, from then on, the café pipe became a sexual practice which was also mentioned by the escort girls in their descriptions as well as in the escort directories in Switzerland and France.

During a major overhaul in January 2018, the café pipe made its media appearance again with a final article because the project was put into action. The café pipe was finally created in January 2018 in partnership with the Delicious fair in Veyrier.

Fgirl supports Swiss prostitution

In 2020, Covid-19 has spared no one. Swiss prostitution, which had not been at its peak until then, experienced a dazzling descent into hell from March onwards. The entire profession found itself in a precarious situation within the space of a few weeks. The clients who came to heal themselves physically and mentally also fell into a certain sadness, which could be seen in the comments that followed the shutdown announcements.

A small group of salon owners and independents decided to face this crisis by uniting under the legal form of an association named Demi-Mondaine, of which Fgirl has been a part since its creation in early May. Video-conference meetings were held every two days to create documents on which prostitution could rely. Exchanges with Aspasie have also led to the construction of a protection charter. Suggestions were sent to the health authorities to put forward our positions on the measures that the field could put in place. A press conference was even given at the Plainpalais roundabout with the television stations Léman Bleu and RTS who came to take the temperature of our fight.

Very committed to a prostitution 2.0 as healthy as possible, our team continues the fight in the second wave with associations defending the rights of sex workers in Switzerland.

Facegirl becomes Fgirl to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

So, at the end of the year 2020 celebrates its 10th anniversary and on this occasion changes its name to Fgirl. This continuity is ambitious on several points that we will mention. To celebrate a decade of work, Fgirl is less insistent on the concept of facial photography because this desire that we had was never really possible for all the escort girls and masseuses present on the site.

Second point, Fgirl wants to replace the term "escort girl" which is used by all the sex workers. The incomprehension of the passing customers is then total because etymologically the escort moves, which is not the case for many girls of joy. Fgirl is the contraction of Fuckgirl which is an Anglo-Saxon term used worldwide. Glamorous, sexy, consistent, Fgirl wants to make a further contribution to prostitution in Switzerland with this clarification of service.

Fgirl.ch is a shorter and simpler name for an international clientele. By reducing the number of letters, the chances of being reachable are increased. Others before us have done renaming, such as Burbn, which has become the famous Instagram.

Last but not least. Did you like Facegirl, the directory of escort girls in Geneva and erotic masseuses in French-speaking Switzerland? You will love Fgirl. The company is identical. Whether it's the technical staff, the sales team or the desire to do well, nothing has changed. Finally, if one thing has changed, we have removed 3 letters from the domain name.

For more details about the reasons of this change, you can visit this explanatory page"FaceGirl becomes Fgirl".

Thank you to all the people who have trusted us during these 10 years and to those who will continue to trust us for the next 10.