NEW : To celebrate our 10 years, Facegirl becomes Fgirl!

Created in 2010, we have the immense pleasure of celebrating a decade of technical development, human collaboration and intense emotions by officially announcing that we are evolving into!

In broad outline:

  • Why instead of
  • Ambitious project: "Fgirl" replaces "Escort Girl".
  • Marketing optimisation of the brand: the shorter, the better.
  • The company remains the same: still No. 1 in erotic ads in Switzerland.

For the more curious, here are some additional explanations.

Why instead of

To clarify our image. As the field of prostitution in Switzerland has evolved considerably, the new name perfectly reflects the concept of the site in 2020 as well as the values of the company. In view of the need to maintain certain discretion, imposing "face" photos was never really possible.

The Selfie section gives credibility to visitors, but it is clear that not everyone benefits from this emphasis.

You will continue to talk about FaceGirl, others will say that they went on FlirtGirl, or on FanGirl, on FesseGirl... And in English slang, Fgirl means FuckGirl!

It is important to note that the domain will continue to redirect to as long as necessary.

To conclude this first part, we are simply bringing meaning to our work.

Ambitious project: I am a "Fgirl"!

In Switzerland, all sex workers define themselves as escort girls, which is etymologically incorrect. The incomprehension of passing customers is then total.

In Europe as in the United States, the term "escort" in prostitution consists of accompanying a client in the evening, to the theatre, to a restaurant or elsewhere.

Within our Swiss confederation, there is no longer any real distinction in the environment of paid encounters, whether it is a woman on the move (also called a call girl) or a lady who only receives (prostitute), we speak of escort girls.

Our ambition: to propose a glamorous, sexy, coherent word to define "sex workers" who don't move around and wish to avoid being called a prostitute.

A customer will be able to say that he visited a "Fgirl" and a woman offering paid erotic services will be able to identify herself as a "Fgirl".

This is how Fgirl was born. This is the contraction of FuckGirl which, in addition to being short and memorable, fits perfectly into the erotic domain of the platform., an efficient domain name.

The shorter, the better! 69 names were discussed, and in the end we all agreed on this shorter, more consistent, simpler name for customers who come to Switzerland from all over the world.

On the principle that simplicity equals beauty, thanks to the reduction of the number of letters in our domain name, we increase our chances of being reachable by eliminating the bad manipulations that the Internet user can make by not typing it correctly.

Moreover, by choosing a short name, we promote its memorization and efficiency. We also simplify the communication of our brand while remaining easy to pronounce as we are in the continuity of FaceGirl.

Many companies have experienced improvements in this direction such as :

  • Burbn which became the famous Instagram
  • Lucky and GoldStar Co also lightened its image by simply making LG
  • Blue Ribbon Sports turned into Nike
  • Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web became Yahoo

The company remains the same.

We looked for a name that was similar to the old one so that our visitors would understand the continuity of the work. The team of moderators controlling the images, descriptions and visual quality has not changed. Three people take turns 24 hours a day to ensure consistency and aesthetic cleanliness to enhance the user experience.

The technical team of 4 engineers is responsible for the stability of the platform. They constantly strive to improve the user experience as much as possible. The idea is to achieve an unrivalled fluidity in the field of eroticism. Discretion is always our priority, so our technological know-how allows us to see more ads in a minimum amount of time.

The 10 sales representatives are also all on board. They guarantee the success of the platform thanks to their ability to listen, their reactivity and their seriousness. In prostitution as elsewhere, customer relations are the key to success. That's how our teamwork works, the sales representatives in the field make and validate dozens of erotic ads every week. They are the eyes of certification. Their work guarantees authentic encounters in peace of mind.

FaceGirl and Fgirl says thank you.

More than 18,000 women have placed their trust in us for many years.

It is thanks to you, thanks to the 50,000 daily visitors that this platform lives. Therefore we would like to thank you. Your reports and numerous suggestions lead to an optimal service quality. It is this constructive collaboration that makes it possible to provide a platform of trust where peace of mind is possible.

The Coronavirus of 2020 has hit all businesses and the entire erotic industry. Whether escort girls, erotic masseuses, charming photographers, private drivers, sex-toys and fine lingerie sellers, flat owners, salon owners, cleaning ladies, advertisers, not forgetting you gentlemen; the entire chain has suffered from the various confinements and prohibitions hindering naughty and priced encounters.

Dear customers, visitors, friends and employees, Fgirl thanks you for your support and trust! We would like to thank you for your loyalty by bringing with this change a notable improvement such as the age certification which has been in great demand recently.