Videogirl concept: 1st website 100% videos ads for escorts girl

The success of videos has been growing on the web for 10 years, and unfortunately there was still no directory of Escort allowing the addition of videos in an ad.

Since Fgirl allowed girls to add a video in their ad, these profiles have seen their visit score exploded by over 200%! That's why, in view of the success of the videos, we decided to launch our second website dedicated solely to video ads:

The concept is simple: Videogirl is a directory of escorts like Fgirl, except that girls' ads are only illustrated in videos. Visitors will be able to choose from hundreds of naughty videos to find the escort of their dreams.

Girls can register directly online and post an unlimited number of videos to promote their services. Whether presentation videos, naughty videos or even porn videos, girls can post as many videos as they want.

Access hundreds of naughty escort videos in Switzerland on Videogirl!

Naughty videos of escorts in Geneva, Lausanne and all of Switzerland

Videogirl is a naughty video site for escort, but it is mostly a real directory that allows men to find easily and quickly an escort girl near their home, thanks to the videos.

As a member of the site, you have the choice to filter videos by canton in order to find a naughty escort near you, whether escort in Geneva, Lausanne or all of Switzerland, you will find your happiness.

You can also choose your preferences, for example that you prefer blondes, with big tits and who are young. Depending on your choices, the home page of the site will be specially customized for you, with videos of escorts girl sorted by your favorite categories.

Choose your favourite category : Big Boobs? Anal sex? etc..

You have all the most popular categories of traditional video sites: A beautiful blonde with big breasts, or you are more of the brown or red? Or are you looking for an Asian or a beautiful black? Videogirl allows you to find your happiness in a few clicks.

Based on feedback from our members, video-based dating is much more interesting because you can really see the girl's physique in a video. The way she moves, the real curves of her body, her facial features and expressions, and even her sensual voice!

All this brings an extra dimension that was not present in classic erotic ads based on photos.

That's why video ads are a big hit on Videogirl, it brings the real touch that all men seek before making an appointment.

New videos every day posted by the girls themselves

The advantage of Videogirl is to allow girls to post their videos themselves in 2 clicks from their account.

In addition, with new technologies and smartphones always more powerful, girls can make their own video in minutes!

They do not need to use technical teams to make professional videos, a simple smartphone in "Selfie" mode and it’s done!

This makes it possible to have a large number of new videos posted daily on Videogirl, to the delight of visitors who are looking for pretty escorts in Geneva or Lausanne...

You are an escort and you want to register on VideoGirl?

To create your escort video ad, it's very simple, just follow this link:

Then just follow the steps to create your ad and post your 1st video. In 5 min your ad will be online. It's simple, fast and effective !

In just a few clicks you can post many videos that will be seen by thousands of men every day!

We advise you to publish several small videos, both to introduce yourself and also to show your charms and physical assets to members of the Videogirl community.

Some girls even push the game by posting erotic videos in which they practice masturbation or fellatio. This is quite possible and even recommend because men love it!

Access hundreds of naughty escort videos in Switzerland on Videogirl!