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BDSM in Switzerland, discover a dominatrix in Geneva and a submissive in Lausanne on Fgirl

Fgirl is the Number 1 directory for BDSM in Switzerland since 2010. Find the best erotic addresses in French-speaking Switzerland by clicking on the category SM in Geneva. From 18 to 65 years old, there is something for all the most perverse, crazy and daring desires. With this eroticised practice of physical evil, the will is to lose control. The power of the strong man voluntarily wants to offer women a superiority of action. Generally, the queens of domination are coveted by CEOs of large companies who submit to the mistresses in Geneva to balance their karma.

The very distinguished mistress in Lausanne in the canton of Vaud is one of these elite people who know the trade better than anyone else. They have experience, the man's body is no longer to be discovered, between handcuffs, whips and latex... Sadomasochism is a sexual practice which consists of using pain, domination or humiliation in the search for pleasure. Meeting a specialist in domination is nothing trivial. Carnal pleasure is found in suffering, humiliation, trampling and insults. The rules are defined before the session. Discipline and obedience are the two words that these rich men accept from this strong woman.

The dominatrices in Vaud will make you discover between soft SM and initiated SM the practices of painful pleasure. Public flogging or loss of liberty such as caging are acts that are often carried out. The need to undergo sadistic things excites intellectual people who are fulfilled. Cross-dressing allows letting go with reverse role-playing. The dominatrix deflowers the submissive man in order to make him lose his anal virginity. In the Swiss BDSM garden the term feminisation is also a complement to sexual transformation. The man in his forties submits to the madness of the domina but if you are rather an Alpha male, the submissive ones ready to accept anything will be happy to take your blows and punishments.

Popularised by the worldwide success of 50 shades of Grey, the SM in Neuchâtel lives like a second youth. Bondage, punishment, sadism, masochism. This wide range of sexual practices is called BDSM. Highly codified, SM requires a staging of sexuality: there is the "masochist" who takes pleasure in hurting and the "sadist" who loves to humiliate or hurt. The woman who accepts the role of domina in this role-playing game is forced to do so for erotic purposes. These women are in a way therapists for businessmen.

Fgirl, formerly Facegirl, brings the actresses of this BDSM world to your attention in the canton of Valais. Very often in a BDSM session the client does not come. This deprivation of pleasure is an integral part of SM. To stay in the sadomasochism, whipping, caning and nipple torture with different clamps are very coveted.

In 1 click, plunge into this universe of love of pain and this alternative that will spice up an already satisfying sexuality. Various and varied scenarios exist, some of Fribourg's mistresses do not lack imagination. Mummification, wearing a corset, strangulation or trampling. There are hundreds of erotic games to get away from a routine sex life and to cultivate your imagination. The SM dungeons in Switzerland are ideal grounds for exercising this contractual hold. The man forgets his cap of the strong and virile male. The dominatrix women in the Jura are waiting for their alpha man. The practices will be supervised because they can be dangerous, for example electro-stimulation of the genitals or candle light.

Anna Domina - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Anna Domina - Geneva

soft/hard dans mes pieds mon soumis 😈😈

Today 14:34

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MiaKiddom - Montreux dominatrix and sm

MiaKiddom - Montreux

heures de travail limitees.Demandez votre rdv

Today 14:34

Soumise VIP - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Soumise VIP - Geneva

🇫🇷JEUNE SOUMISE SOFT & HARD🕯🔗⚠️06h à 19h⚠️

Today 14:23

Arya - Morges dominatrix and sm

Arya - Morges

Domination soft/hard jusqu’à 19h🔞app.privee

Today 14:03

Cindy SM - Champel dominatrix and sm

Cindy SM - Champel

NEW je saurai t'humilier‭ tu sera à mes pied

Today 13:56

Mistress - Plainpalais dominatrix and sm

Mistress - Plainpalais

Facesitting gode Uro umiliation

Today 13:50

Caroline - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Caroline - Geneva

Tout le plaisir est pour moi...

Today 13:36

Nadia - Bex dominatrix and sm

Nadia - Bex

Nouvelle domina et sa soumise dispo

Today 13:10

Kassandra - Payerne dominatrix and sm

Kassandra - Payerne

J'adore la sévérité que la douceur , sauvage

Today 12:16

Lady Karla - Nyon dominatrix and sm

Lady Karla - Nyon


Today 12:10

SM Cassandra - La Chaux-de-Fonds dominatrix and sm

SM Cassandra - La Chaux-de-Fonds

New maitresse Dispo jusq 'a19 heure

Today 11:44

Ana Domina - Nyon dominatrix and sm

Ana Domina - Nyon

I can bring you to heaven !!!

Today 11:24

Maitresse Belle - Yverdon-les-Bains dominatrix and sm

Maitresse Belle - Yverdon-les-Bains

Femme fatale Extrêmement SEX 👅💋💦💦💦💦💦💦

Today 11:11

Mistress S. - Neuchâtel dominatrix and sm

Mistress S. - Neuchâtel

NEW Mistress S. rue du Seyon 19, Neuchatel

Today 11:09

Fetischlady M - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Fetischlady M - Geneva

Zuckerbrot und Peitsche... - fr/all/angl

Today 11:07

Jhanna Domina - Fribourg dominatrix and sm

Jhanna Domina - Fribourg

Latex Estrapor à service complet /pas de tabú

Today 10:52