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Fgirl, created in 2010 under the name Facegirl, has been the N°1 site for escorts, masseuses and transsexuals in French-speaking Switzerland for several years. Thanks to its success, there are now over 2000 girls online on the site.

You are an independent girl or a salon, and you want to earn as much money as possible?

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Fgirl, it is the N°1 site of erotic ads in Switzerland

Founded in 2010, Fgirl has been a leader in erotic ads for many years now. Here are the figures for 2024:

  • More than 2,400,000 visitors per month
  • 58,000 active male members
  • 2,050 erotic ads, 1,300 of them certified
  • Over 54,000 positive, certified reviews
  • #1 most visited erotic site in French-speaking Switzerland
Fgirl 2022 Statistics

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Thanks to Fgirl, you'll earn a lot of money. Here are the figures for ads placed on Fgirl in 2024:

  • An ad is visited between 10,000 and 50,000 times a month.
  • One advert receives between 110 and 1,200 phone calls a month.
  • Fgirl guarantees between 30 and 450 customers per month
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Create your own ad in just a few clicks(2 minutes max), you can add up to 10 photos, 5 selfies, 5 goodie photos, 1 story, your text, your city, your phone number, your services etc..

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On Fgirl, you can deactivate your ad when you are not working by to save the remaining time.

Are you taking a few days off? Or even several months? No problem, you can block your ad and reactivate it when you come back. It's simple, easy and fast.

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To ensure complete discretion, Fgirl offers you the opportunity to block countries of your choice and hide your profile. Become 100 % discreet now.

Control your visibility on Fgirl. Protect your privacy and security by revealing your profile only to the countries you want. This incognito option is available for all Fgirl profiles.

Fgirl assures you a total discretion

Earn up to CHF 60,000 per month.

Fgirl lets you get started at low cost. In fact, the advert is available at the affordable price of 180CHF for 1 month.

Once online, your profile will be visited thousands of times. You'll receive dozens of telephone contacts every day, and between 30 and 450 customers will come to meet you every month. Calculate your earnings 😉

Make lots of money on Fgirl

You are an independent girl or a salon, and you want to earn as much money as possible?

Create your ad on Fgirl now!