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Dominance in Geneva is severe. The dominant women are in town to make the naughty men obey. Under contract, exchanges between mistresses and submissives are directed towards the pleasure of pain and the satisfaction of suffering. In BDSM role-playing, it is about spiritual and non-sexual practice. Sadomasochism does not necessarily mean making love. BDSM practitioners are often tattooed, have piercings and confess to enjoy practicing erotic rituals based on controlled pain.

Dominatrix women in Geneva influence the irrigation of the brain and modify the state of consciousness of the submissives. The idea is to lose control as a client. Studies have been carried out and affirm that the practice of sadomasochism is comparable to that of yoga in terms of the pleasure felt. BDSM is a form of meditation through pain. Only 10% of the population practice BDSM between consenting people. Usually SM is done in a libertine evening, a lesbian show or with a cage. It is a kind of voyeurism and swinging. These evenings are private and selective, often mixing the Geneva gratin, VIP businessmen or international sportsmen. Bondage aims to restrict movement. Ropes and ribbons are used to cut off the blood supply to the brain as well and provoke a form of pleasure.

During a SM session, the Mistress of Geneva makes sure that the submissive obeys the finger and the eye. If he disobeys, he is hit with a rope or with a swift. The man is deprived of sex, deprived of enjoyment and pleasure. He is forbidden to masturbate for several days and wears a chastity belt. The dominant-submissive relationship is a special relationship. SM refers to the tenfold pleasure of orgasm through pain. The endorphin and adrenaline mix to produce an extremely pleasurable sperm explosion. Visit a dominatrix in Geneva to discover her equipped dungeon and these dildos. The complete outfit of a domina queen is vast, there is the collar, leash, whips, whips, electro-stimulating machines, sex machines etc. Have fun reproducing Fifty Shades of Grey at home with the sex-toys specialised on BDSM.

If sexual pleasure makes you itchy and the urge to have a quick sexual intercourse that pays off, the escorts in Geneva are waiting for you naked under the duvet for a good fuck.

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Cruella D Vil - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Cruella D Vil - Geneva

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Daniela Domina - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Daniela Domina - Geneva


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Barbara - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Barbara - Geneva

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Elsa Feline - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Elsa Feline - Geneva

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08 April

Lady Kate - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Lady Kate - Geneva

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Soumise VIP - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Soumise VIP - Geneva

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Caroline - Geneva dominatrix and sm

Caroline - Geneva

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