The best masseuses in Lausanne and Vaud

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FaceGirl becomes Fgirl. The canton of Vaud is home to many women offering Lausanne massages.

Be in good company with a pro masseuses and travel for a moment. The massages in Aigle are wonderful.

Anti-stress massage or body-body shower massage, play the game and mix pleasure and health at a time. The massage is a moment of sharing, do not stay alone.

You will find massage parlors in Renens. Relieving your psychic tensions with a Californian massage proposed by the Prilly masseuses.

Vevey Massages will provide you with a physical well-being by eliminating various muscular tensions. This kind of treatment is very effective. Discover all these techniques proposed in our "Massage" category.

Relax and enjoy Yverdon-les-Bains tantra massages in unlimited relaxation. The Payerne massages are very successful because they rid trauma and emotional shocks well buried.

Visit the Montreux massage parlors and enjoy an exploration of emotions and a significant relief of pain.

Thary Thaï - Lausanne masseuse

Thary Thaï - Lausanne

NEW thai massage un moment anti stress assuré

Today 00:15

Chanida Thai - Vevey masseuse

Chanida Thai - Vevey

Un moment de relax avec un vrai massage

Today 00:15

Girl of the day
Arinna - Montreux masseuse

Arinna - Montreux

Un moment d’exception entre mes mains 🔥✨👌

Today 00:14

Aylin Massage - Montreux masseuse

Aylin Massage - Montreux

Massage professionnel 💯n'hésitez plus ❣️

Today 00:00

Helena Tantra - Lausanne masseuse

Helena Tantra - Lausanne

Nouvelle masseuse francaise

Today 23:36

Geovanna - Lausanne masseuse

Geovanna - Lausanne

Profitez du vrai massage 08:00 a 23:00

Today 21:46

Bella Thai - Lausanne masseuse

Bella Thai - Lausanne

Massage à l'huile nue labellisé.🔥🔥🌶🌶💋

Today 21:17

Cindy Tantra - Renens masseuse

Cindy Tantra - Renens

✨ Masseuse pro parking gratuit devant🇪🇸🙌✨

Today 21:13

Luna Thai - Lausanne masseuse

Luna Thai - Lausanne

NEW pour un bon massage thai relaxant

Today 20:56

Mimi - Moudon masseuse

Mimi - Moudon

NEW belle japonaise pour un moment spécial

Today 20:46

Ananda - Montreux masseuse

Ananda - Montreux

Ce week-end je serai dispo ☀️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ 🐄

Today 20:13

Khloe - Montreux masseuse

Khloe - Montreux

Dispo...Vip massages de Relaxations Tantra!❤️

Today 19:51

Petra - Lausanne masseuse

Petra - Lausanne

Massage body-body

Today 19:14

Maeva Massage - Lausanne masseuse

Maeva Massage - Lausanne

Expert Tantrabody Speak english privé

Today 19:11

Adriana - Lausanne masseuse

Adriana - Lausanne

moment raffiné ts en douceur lieu privé

Today 19:11

Lily Tantra - Lausanne masseuse

Lily Tantra - Lausanne

Expert en Tantrabody lieu charmant et privé

Today 19:10

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