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Erotic masseuse
25 years old
Boobs : A Natural
Fully shaved
Tattoo : No
Smoker: No

Services provided

  • Massage antistress
  • Massage aux huiles
  • Massage body body
  • Massage californien
  • Massage douche
  • Massage en couple
  • Massage naturiste
  • Massage prostate
  • Massage réciproque
  • Massage tantra


Alice is a Erotic masseuse working in Lausanne (Vaud)

Incall only

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Prices from 200.-CHF

Payment methods

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  • Euro


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I'm Alice, Follow me and I'll relax you sensually with my tantra massage...

Me, a beautiful Swiss woman with Spanish origins, 1m75, brunette with a slim, athletic body, I've been loving my job as a masseuse for a few months now.

Our meeting is under the sign of well-being and voluptuousness: an experience where all your senses will be solicited.

Let yourself go, I'll tell you:

I welcome you to my apartment. You let yourself be guided and follow my advice for the massage. The beginnings of arousal are here.

After a shower, we begin:

At the touch of my hands, you think "Your fingers are soft and warm."

I massage your neck, shoulders and back with extreme delicacy.Your eyes close and your breathing slows, you flinch with pleasure. 

I continue my massage by moving to your buttocks and crotch. I massage them, dipping my hands occasionally into the valley. My fingers travel to your throbbing penis. You're delighted by the sensation and let out a 1st moan of pleasure. My hands descend full of caresses and effleures on your thighs your calves, your ankles and the soles of your feet.

I ask you to lie on your back. Your arousal is alive and kicking at the sight of my oiled body, my closing breasts and my sexy buttocks.

I continue to massage your warm flesh until you're purring again with pleasure: You react to each of my passes over your inner thighs, penis, nipples etc.... Your eyes are wide open, to admire my plastic: Wasp waist and a beautiful waxed pussy   

I then focus on the sacred area for the lingam massage.

You, lying down, legs spread, knees bent, I start by sliding my hands up and down your thighs before getting down to business. I oil the testicles and then the shaft of the penis. I massage them gently. Your eyes close feeling a deep relaxation, I like to hear your breathing and heart quicken to a crescendo

My hands go up to massage your sex, up again to the glans. My hands go up and down your erect penis harder and harder. I speed up and slow down my movements so that you relax from time to time. Your body is invaded by increasingly intense waves of pleasure, culminating in a long, ENORMOUS ORGASM.... LA LIBERATION

For 1h 

Manual massage: 200-

Body to body massage: 300-

Reciprocal massage: 400- 


to all...



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By Mike the 05/03/2023

J'ai rencontré Alice hier soir. Cela fut une très belle rencontre voir l'une des meilleures rencontres que j'ai eu. Alice m'a bien accueilli, m'a bien mis à l'aise également. Elle m'a bien détendu avec ses mots, ses caresses et son massage. J'espère la revoir très bientôt car elle me procure beaucoup de bien. Je vous la conseille vivement à tous.
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Response from Alice le 05/03/2023

Merci chou🌹Je suis là jusqu’à la fin de la semaine 👌