How to become an escort in Switzerland?

An escort girl, what exactly is it? :

You're beautiful, young and a little cheeky? There are several reasons why, especially if you're a student, you want to prostitute yourself and become, as the jargon says in Switzerland, an Escort?
We propose an article that will help you to better understand this often-stigmatized environment and will allow you to get started in the best possible way in the field of prostitution, which, it should be recalled, has been legal in Switzerland since 1992.
First of all, it is necessary to know the different forms of prostitution: from escort, to sexual relations, brothels, bars, sidewalks, or even on the Internet, etc....
Secondly, it must be understood that some adolescents and women do not always make this choice out of envy but out of coercion. For lack of money because a student does not receive a scholarship or too expensive housing, a lack of social assistance, being an Escort becomes for women entering the labour force a solution to have "easy" money.
"Once you've tasted a comfortable lifestyle, it's hard to go back to an ordinary life."
This sentence comes up again and again in everyday discussions in the field of prostitution in Switzerland. For Escorts from the sex salons or independent lounges in a private apartment, a spiral is installed and money quickly becomes the primary motivation.
The term Escort, imported from English, refers to a sex worker in Switzerland. The word "escort" has gradually become obsolete because, throughout the world, an "escort" is a person who travels to the hotel or to the guest's home. This expression is in the heads of prostitutes and their entourage, a word that is more glamorous and gratifying than "prostitute","peripattician" or "whore".
But make no mistake, if you decide to go through customs, no matter where you come from, becoming an Escort in Switzerland means that you have to practice sexual practices almost every time you meet someone. The sweet dream of accompanying people to Geneva or Lausanne without performing sexual services does not exist. Those who tell you that are not honest. This kind of request may happen, but it is not the case 9 times out of 10.
Escort Girl and Call girl merge, but the activity in Geneva is more like the expression "call girl", which refers more precisely to prostitutes whose first contact with their clients is by telephone.

Some notions about legislation to become an escort girl:

As an Escort, whether you decide to join an erotic salon or work alone, you are in the eyes of Swiss law declared how independent. You must register with the Vice Brigade of the canton where you will be able to obtain a residence permit.
Under the Schengen agreements, self-employment by nationals of European Union countries is possible for 3 months per calendar year. In the "Help" section of your "Escort" account on our website, you will find numbers and addresses of brigades related to prostitution as well as other useful numbers and contacts if necessary.
After the police meeting, you can move in and start working. Trade fairs are constantly recruiting because there is a very high turnover of staff. Many women offer casual sexual services. They stay 1 week or more and come back the following year.

How to attract customers and get as many appointments as possible?

An important part of your work as an Escort will be to advertise your services through small advertisements in men's magazines. Newspapers or the Internet are ideal to communicate your arrival and your services (see our glossary to know with precision the practices)
Fgirl has been the number one directory in Switzerland in Geneva, Lausanne, Sion and Neuchâtel since 2010. You will be able to easily and cheaply earn money quickly. We recommend investing more on the Internet than in the press for the following reason:
Advertising on the Internet is much more profitable than advertising in newspapers!
Paper is too expensive compared to return on investment. An ad at 100. -CHF will sometimes earn you 1 customer at 100. -CHF or none. This process should be repeated several times a week depending on the number of target newspapers published.
While on the Internet via Fgirl, for 180. -, you will be posted for 30 days on Switzerland's most visited site of the erotic domain (gender and massage). Between 15 to 100 customers will come to see you during this period.

What do you need to start this activity?

Please note that you will need a Swiss telephone line. Simple and practical, tobacco shops offer Sim cards from 20. -. This credit amount is sufficient in the first instance to receive calls.
The role of switchboard operator will flow from all this work. You will need to find a simple text, have a chewy voice, be smiling (this can be felt through a phone call) and set prices that correspond to your sexual practices. Needless to say, speaking several languages is an important plus especially in Geneva, which is a cosmopolitan city.
By the way, we recommend several small things for your safety:
Do not answer hidden numbers without any pretext. If there is a problem, the police will not be able to do anything about it.
Don't keep money with you. We recommend that you deposit it once a day at the bank or in a safe outside your workplace.
Never say you are alone. Saying that you have a roommate won't make you work any less and will discourage the evil people from coming to disturb you.
The work of escort is not without risk as we try to emphasize. We would also like to draw your attention to the diseases associated with this activity.
In view of the extent of the risks involved in sexual practices, we refer you to Aspasie, which has been an activist association for years in the prostitution community in Switzerland. Link

Light on VIP luxury escorts:

Luxury escorts generally charge higher prices than sex trade prostitutes or street-level prostitutes.
It is said that the luxury call girl works incall when the customer goes to her or her hotel and outcall when she goes to the customer.
Although the work of a Luxury Escort is primarily sexual in nature, not all clients hire a VIP call girl exclusively for sex. Some people don't want it at all. Others do so for social reasons, such as attending a reception, or simply to have a company. Some call girls specialize in sadomasochism such as domination or other fetishistic themes that do not require sexual intimacy.
Famous celebrities sometimes use luxury call girls to avoid, because of their social status, the problem of an unreasonable love from a partner who will become attached to them and not accept separation or sell the details of their relationships to the press. In the case of a luxury escort, each party knows its respective position and will not transgress it.
Some celebrities go as far as to travel with the luxury call girl by private airplane to fashionable destinations, descending into luxury hotel suites, eating in the best restaurants, dancing in fashionable nightclubs and playing at the casino. Usually, the client rents the call girl's services for a short period of time during which he or she will evaluate whether the call girl wants to spend a longer time with him or her. In this case too, the presentation, intelligence, manner, friendliness and education of the woman come into play. In the case of some wealthy clients, these appointments evolve towards long-distance visits where the call girl or escort girl is more likely to resemble a mistress.

Are you still interested? Here is a summary of our advice:

Your administrative procedures:

  • Register with the Vice Police of your canton.
  • Find accommodation or an erotic living room to accommodate you and your guests.
  • Buy a Swiss number.

Advertise on the Internet

  • Create an ad to promote your services on known websites such as
  • When advertising, use your real photos to avoid disappointing customers. Switzerland is a small country and the community around prostitution is relative to its size. It will be a shame to make you look bad.
  • If you wish to remain discreet, you can still blur your face.
  • Don't publish ridiculous prices in advertisements. Respect yourself and your competitors by offering a minimum of 100 for 15 minutes of service.

Safety comes first: Protect yourself.

  • Avoid unprotected sexual practices.
  • Avoid kissing. Many sexually transmitted infections or STIs are carried by saliva.
  • Always clean and disinfect your dildoes.
  • Do not answer hidden numbers under any circumstances.
  • Don't keep money with you.
  • Don't say you are alone when you receive.

Be professional and discreet:

  • Answer all calls and SMS you receive (except for hidden numbers)
  • Do not look at the watch and do not lie about your performances.
  • Respect the utmost confidentiality.
  • Never call back a missed number. You could embarrass customers.
  • Create yourself a loyal clientele that appreciates you for your own specificities! Having regular customers will make your work more enjoyable.