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About Real Angels

Escort agency
From 1 to 5 girls
Open recruitment

Services provided

  • Escorte VIP


Real Angels is a Escort agency in Vevey

Opening Hours

Monday 08h00 - Midnight
Tuesday 08h00 - Midnight
Wednesday 08h00 - Midnight
Thursday 08h00 - Midnight
Friday 08h00 - Midnight
Saturday 08h00 - Midnight
Sunday 08h00 - Midnight

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Payment methods

  • CHF
  • Twint
  • Mastercard
  • Bitcoin


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We are an agency serving escorts.Our goal is to make your daily life easier.

We offer VIP cab services as well as assistance of any kind.

  • Do you need a private driver? (Unbeatable price)
  • Do you need someone you can trust at your disposal, just for you?
  • We will take care of you and help you in managing your personal issues (visa, authorization, writing your ads...) 
  • Try, ask, don't commit to anything. 🎁 
  • Leave a message and we will get back to you without fail.
  • Email, SMS, Combox or WhatsApp 

Even the Princesses 👸  are entitled to a better life m


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