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About Marie G.

28 years old
Boobs : B Natural
Partially shaved
Tattoo : No
Smoker: N.A.

Services provided

  • 69
  • Anal finger
  • Anal (give)
  • Anal Rimming (receive)
  • Cumshot body
  • Cunnilingus
  • Deep Throat
  • Facesitting
  • Fetish
  • French kiss
  • Lingerie
  • Masturbation
  • Multiple ejaculation OK
  • Orgy group
  • Safe blowjob
  • Sex toys
  • Soft domination
  • Spankings accepted
  • Striptease
  • Submissive
  • Vaginal finger
  • VIP service


Marie G. is a Escort working in Geneva

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Payment methods

  • CHF
  • Euro



(Originally in English - automatically translated)

Welcome to the most exciting party you’ve ever been to. My name is Wild Marie G and I’ve been organizing gangbang parties in Barcelona and Ibiza during this year and this is the first that takes place in Switzerland. 

First, you should know there ir no one behind this event but me. I enjoy doing this parties and I’ve been professionalizing it and giving it my “personal touch” during this year. I love sophisticated, magic and ritualistic events, but also tempting, horny and sexually liberating encounters. I also love to be surrounded by many excited men that are willing to give me and have pleasure themselves. Keep reading to know more of how the event will take place: 

Basic information

I would like you to feel really confortable, so you’ll receive previous and clear instructions. During this days I will do a group of maximum 10 men, who you would share me with. It’s it exciting? 

For how long you’ve been dreaming of a gangbang? 

Price: 1.100CHF 

Secret high standard location revealed 1h before the event (not more than 20 minutes walk from the city center). 


- Whatever happens here it stays here. That would be our little secret. Don’t speak to anybody about what you experienced and don’t talk to anybody from the party after crossing the door. Privacy is basic for everybody. 

- If you would like a plus of confidentiality, bring a mask. It also excites me a lot to see many covered faces.

- Condoms are mandatory. Let’s protect us all. 

- Respect all the sexual boundaries (below).


All the limits should be respected and you would be kicked out in case you push the boundaries. We are here to enjoy. 

- No extreme rough playing. 

- No anal sex, just fingers. I’m sorry, but it hurts a lot.

- If you have any fetish, inform before to have it in mind. 

- Golden shower is not possible due to common hygiene.

What I do love 

- Penetration while giving oral sex. 

- To see how you masturbate yourself close to me. 

- Fingering. 

- Vibrating toys. 

- Cocks all over my body.

- To be immobilized while touched and fucked. 

You will discover the rest…

Are you attending to the party?

Marie G

Answers only by WhatsApp and email.

Once you contact me I will give you the rest of the information. 

Hope you are as excited as I am…


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