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Gloria Escort in Vevey

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About Gloria

24 years old
Boobs: B Natural
Tattoo : Yes
Fully shaved

Services provided

  • 69
  • Blowjob
  • Blowjob coffee
  • Couple
  • Cumshot body
  • Cunnilingus
  • Erotic massage
  • Facesitting
  • Facial cumshot
  • Fetish
  • Lingerie
  • Masturbation
  • Porn Star experience
  • Role play sex game
  • Sex
  • Striptease
  • Tits fuck
  • VIP service


Gloria is a Escort working in Vevey (Vaud)

Incall only

Spoken languages



Tarifs à partir de 100.-CHF

Payment methods

  • CHF
  • Euro
  • Dollars


Text automatically translated into English See the original text

Hello guys My name is Gloria, a beautiful hot blonde, coming from Lithuania, by my temperament I want to bring you to ecstasy with my hot ardor, I love to seduce you beautifully until the proposed ejaculation!! 

Now I am in your city for a short period, looking to meet men to satisfy their desires. 

To fulfill a maximum of wishes, I propose: Royal blow, Facial ejaculation, but also professional body massage, tantra massage, live an unforgettable experience! 

I like to give energy through seduction massage, penetrating into the reality of sex! Striptease ,Roleplay, Reportage, Cunnilingus, Fetishism,prostate massage also welcome! 

I have a greedy mouth and I passionately propose to enjoy his organs, that's what fascinates me and to take it to the end... 

Debutants and seniors are welcome. Discretion guaranteed! I'm sure giving you up in my dreamy feet will drive you crazy. Just say what you want and we'll do it. I will gladly entertain and move.

Then you can take me to your kitchen table. I speak a little French, but very well German and English and Russian. 

Call me wicked! I'm only staying a few days so I'm almost always here! Come directly to ask Gloria! from the hours 11:00


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Reviews (3)

By Javion the 10/20/2022

Gloria est hyper simple et super abordable, physique d’hôtesse de l’air, super bon coup au plumard, what else comme dirait l’autre ! A bientôt… pour une autre aventure !
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Answer from Gloria on 10/21/2022

avec plaisir 😍

By Goiku2 the 09/20/2022

Une poitrine naturelle comme ça c’est simplement inoubliable. L’heure est passée bien trop vite, elle est vraiment sympa. J’aurais pu rester des heures dans son dos face au miroir à lui pétrir les seins!
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Answer from Gloria on 09/22/2022

merci pour ce commentaire, ici tout le monde trouvera la réponse à la question des seins naturels, ce fut un plaisir de vous rencontrer, à bientôt ❤️ Gloria❤️

By Southern the 08/18/2022

Tempérament de feu et pas froid aux yeux la belle Gloria...Elle vous chauffe avec une série de massages de plus en plus entreprenant et elle vous laisse le choix de la finition !
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Answer from Gloria on 08/19/2022