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About Eva

Erotic masseuse
22 years old
Chest: Natural
Fully shaved

Services provided

  • Massage aux huiles
  • Massage en Couple
  • Massage Naturiste
  • Massage Réciproque
  • Massage tantra


Eva is a Erotic masseuse working in Lausanne (Vaud)

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Tarifs à partir de 200.-CHF

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  • Euro


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I would like to give you a stunning tantric massage in downtown Geneva.
My comments: "This is the most explosive and fabulous massage you've ever had!""Get ready to get addicted!""Wow! Just wow!"
I'm Eva, a tantric massage artist.
This is a massage that relaxes you so you can get into a ZEN ZONE, get out of your head, and really be the receiver that will relax you to levels you never imagined before.

Call then to make an appointment. We are both looking for the right person.

About Me:5'6", slim, I am sexy with the sole purpose of pleasuring you through tantric massage.

I am playful, and very intuitive of your needs.

Available now to provide you with my masterful hands and truly sensual erotic expert touch! Enjoy the highest quality of relaxation with my private sensual therapeutic massage. My tender touch, gentle glides over the body and use of hot oil will arouse and stimulate you to an intense and satisfying finish. It is truly a blissful and unforgettable experience!

My space:My space is as beautiful and sanitized as it is clean with a discreet private entrance.
What I offer you is unique...intentional...Artisanal... PERSONAL STYLE... No need to compare the price of my massage to another one you have had. I offer you,The ancient art of my gentle hands

The bodybody massage: a full body wrap with mine, and/or a mutual massage 

My massages are choreographed to music for complete relaxation of body and mind....

In other words, this is a REAL, real and amazing massage, as it is imperative to be relaxed and trust my touch.

Allow yourself a reboot while you are in my loving hands. No drama, No busy spa, No distractions,No other people around, And definitely NOT a waste of time.
This is something you do for yourself, and it's nobody's business.

Taking care of yourself will restore your energy.

Manual Masssge: 200-
Body massage: 300-
Cuddle Exchange Massage: 400-



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Reviews (2)

By Can the 06/22/2022

Jolie métisse naturelle, j'adore... Ne changez pas, vous êtes superbe cela change du plastique. Vive les femmes naturelles et amusantes comme vous avec du charisme!!! Bien à vous Eva
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Answer from Eva on 07/29/2022

Bisous à toi 😘

By Gillou the 05/25/2022

Par ou commencer. Il y a tant a dire que cela pourrais prendre des heures. Tu es sublime et la nature t'a bien gâté. Douce, attentive, pas pressée ... J'ai rarement vu une fille avec une paire de fésse aussi sublime et aussi ferme. J'en reve encore...