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Alena Massage in Cité-Centre

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Erotic masseuse
30 years old
Chest: Natural
Fully shaved

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Alena has not provide any information on the services provided, please contact her for more information.


Alena is a Erotic masseuse working in Cité-Centre (Geneva)

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Tarifs à partir de 100.-CHF

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Sirs, I am Alena, famme fountain,beautiful blonde, warm, generous, exuberant and feminine.

If you wish, I will be totally yours. I say I am like expensive champagne: elegant appearance, soft and smooth, beautiful to look at and touch. I like champagne radiant, and very, very special and best appreciated on special occasions when I can dress up and play. Like champagne, I celebrate life! With my sexy and luxurious appearance, I am your angel and dream girl. Exotic eyes, sensual stunts, soft hair and an outrageously sexy body... all topped with a gloriously playful imagination that surprises and excites. I look like a glamorous baby, the personality of a cute friend, and the charm of a smart, stylish and vivacious young woman I am. I am sweetly seductive, with all the energy and enthusiasm of preserved youth. A 100% genuine GFE, truly passionate and open-minded. I live for fun: yours and mine. In the pleasure of giving.

Come discover my secret garden where you can realize your most intense desires

I am a hot and sensual girl with blue eyes. The curves of my body will make you drool with pleasure. I have a sense of humor and I am full of energy. Being refined, elegant and full of sensuality I will know how to put you at ease to create the climate and to make you share a pure moment of delights.and to receive, I am really an elite escort and I like to explore my side a little bit naughty... Treat me like a lady and you'll be in for the ride of your life. I love being your fantasy ... Maybe a schoolgirl whose hot streak always gets her in trouble with her outrageous behavior .... but her exotic eyes always saved the principal from reprimand. I am curious, imaginative and open-minded and I like to play. I look forward to the satisfaction of our date


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