Guide: create an ad in the "Sex Phone & Video Chat" category

You want to earn more money while waiting your customers? Create a new ad in the "Phone Sex & Video Chat" category and get a tons of calls to sell “hot video call” by staying at home!

Do you want to work without leaving your house and earn a lot of money?

Create now your ad for SexPhone & Video Chat

Earn money while waiting your customers at home!

Do you want to earn money while staying at home? For example when you wait for a customers, juste before your appointment you can make “Vidéo Chat & Sex Phone” to keep earning money all day long!

It’s very fast and easy to create an ad, so feel free to do so.

Create a new ad!

To do so, log into your account and create a new ad.

You will have to fill in the information again in order to complete your profile without forgetting to describe the new erotic services proposed such as the Phone Sex, the sale of naughty videos, live Facetime calls or other actions proposed remotely with your rates.

Pay your ad

Once your profile is completed, you can pay for it at the conditions proposed: the Classic - 30 days choice is the most profitable (the ad costs you 6.- per day).

Or transfer the time from your last ad

If you already have another ad deactivated, you can transfer the time from this old ad to activate the new one without paying.

Just press “transfer” on the payment page like the picture here.

Congratulations, once this last step is completed, your profile will be online and you can start being contacted by dozens of customers.

Phone sex & Video chat: the basics

For those who are just starting out, here is a guideline to guide you in your launch and first remote experiences.

  1. Discuss the customer's desires and define the support between photos, videos or LiveCam.
  2. Propose your prices as for example:
    • 20.- for 5 naughty photos on WhatsApp.
    • 50.- for an exclusive naughty video of 3min.
    • 60.- for a 15-min phone sex session.
    • 100.- for a 20-min Facetime LIVE hot session.
  3. Ask your customer to pay you: several means exist to collect your services remotely such as these sites where you will have to create an account:
  4. Once your client has paid you, it's up to you!

Well, what are you waiting for? It's time for action!

We remain at your disposal, do not hesitate to contact your sales representative directly if necessary.

Do you want to work without leaving your house and earn a lot of money?

Create now your ad for SexPhone & Video Chat